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A Little About Me

Hi! I’m Neil Greenfield and I’ve lived in Milton Keynes for over 20 years. I have four children, all boys!

I started life as a software developer which rapidly turned into a thriving web design and marketing business and I moved into Sales & Project Management. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great national brands and many fascinating small businesses. When I reached 38 years old I realised my goals and desires had shifted and I wanted to get out of the office and try to turn my favourite hobby into a viable business, DIY. I initially created Stay Safe Locksmith after receiving my training and loved it! Using my hands, helping others and driving around singing in my van, a far cry from offices and the dreaded London commute.

As time went by and my customer base grew, people would ask ‘Do you also do….’ and quickly my business changed from purely locksmithing to a multi-trade maintenance company. I’ve been through several brand names and changes, I guess all those years in marketing made me somewhat fussy until now, where I’ve realised that one of my biggest ‘selling points’ is actually myself. I love people! I love communication! At some point I may change the company name to ‘Greenfield & Sons’ but I am yet to convince any of my mini-tribe that blisters, dirt, ruined clothes and 24/7 callouts are an aspiration. *UPDATE!* As you will no doubt tell from the new logo, it’s happened! Carter has finished his carpentry apprenticeship and now works with me full time and Max is currently studying in Milton Keynes to become an electrician. It’s on!

It’s a pleasure to have you share my story and hope we can work together moving forward.

Why Working With Me Is A Little Different


There are many handymen who have the same skills I do. We can all replace a leaky tap or decorate a room well. One of the key things I offer is the chance to build a relationship. Even when you only have a small amount of work, I’ve found it makes a huge difference to the ‘mood’ of the work when we understand each other, we know the boundaries, we communicate well and perhaps most importantly, are able to build trust.

Leaving me alone to work becomes no concern (especially as most landlords aren’t local), providing me with keys doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable and come hell or high water, you know I’ll get the job done.

I like to think I treat my friends and family well, with respect and honesty, and our relationship can be the same. Wouldn’t it be great to know you have ‘that guy’ that you can call and no matter what the issue, you know it will get fixed with sensible prices, clear communication and regular updates including photos and video?


For Landlords it’s critical they know how much work will cost, when it’s scheduled for and how long it will take, after all, your property is a business designed to make money.

I have no desire to obfuscate charges, charge you above market rate or add on hidden fees at the end. I typically quote per project and then that fee is set. If I take too long, if I forget to charge for something then that’s on me. You shouldn’t have to deal with increasing costs because your tradesman didn’t do a thorough quote. I’ll take the hit because I’m confident in my quoting skills.

If for any reason a new cost does appear (and of course it does happen occasionally), I will contact you seeking authorisation to proceed, explaining what’s happened and why it wasn’t picked up at quotation stage. When this does happen I feel horribly guilty asking for more money and usually agree to cover labour costs while you cover parts and materials.


In short, I have experience with almost all forms of construction and home improvements with the exception of electrical work and gas/boiler work, which I do not touch, at all. Sure I can change a plug socket or powerflush your radiators but I know my limits.

That does however, leave a huge spectrum of work that I can accomplish without the need for multiple tradesmen, take fitting a new kitchen for example. Normally the old kitchen is ripped out by a labourer, decorated by a decorator, new pipework fitted by a plumber, tiling completed by a tiler and the new kitchen fitted by a carpenter. This can add days and days to planned work while we try to juggle everyone’s availability and sync our diaries, but with me, I can do it all!

In the spirit of honesty, a dedicated carpenter of 20 years will have more skill than I do, the same for tiling or plastering but my skill and commitment to perfection allows me to create great work to a really high standard. I have plenty of images in my portfolio as evidence of my commitment to quality and am happy for you to contact previous customers for references.


Remember I used to build software systems for a living right?

I love technology and my admin processes, from complete and detailed quotations to accurate invoicing, logging photographic evidence and signing off work sheets all come quite naturally to me. I treat everyone I meet with that professionalism.

I do a fair amount of eviction work with Milton Keynes Council/Bailiffs where sensitivity and respect have often calmed a hostile situation. I can appease frustrated tenants and keep them as up to date as I do yourself. If you are an agency looking to use me, the collection, safe storage and return of keys is no problem and all correspondents are clearly marked to the relevant project to assist in quickly identifying which fee accompanies which property.

Professionalism and reliability are key steps towards building trust.

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