Greenfield & Sons Property Services

Version 2.2.1, updated 17th November 2022


‘I’, ‘We’, ‘Me’, ‘My’, ‘Our’, ‘Neil Greenfield’, Greenfield & Sons Property Services’– Terms used to describe the authorised and appointed representative of Mr Neil Greenfield T/a Greenfield & Sons Property Services.
‘You’, ‘Your’, ‘Customer’ – Terms used to describe the party engaging ‘me’ in a monetary exchange for services provided.

Section 1: Deposits
Deposits are always a point of contention in the building market. Customers are concerned a tradesman will run off with their money while tradesmen carry the full risk of buying materials up front and not being paid for work fully completed and having to manage cash flow more effectively. As I know we have no intention of running off with your money, securing a deposit for all projects eliminates what represents quite a formidable risk to ourselves. Those deposits are as follows;

  1. For work totalling under £500.00, the amount will be invoiced in one go, before work starts. It remains the discretion of Neil Greenfield as to when this invoice is paid although all invoices have a 7 day payment term from the date that work is scheduled to be completed. We reserve the right to request any material costs be paid in advance.
  2. For work totalling from £500.01 to £3,000.00 the total balance will be split into two invoices. 50% will be due in advance while the remaining 50% will be due once the work has been signed off as satisfactory and within 7 days of said event.
  3. For work totalling from £3,000.01 to £5,000.00 the total balance will be split into three invoices. 33.3% will be due in advance, 33.3% will be due halfway through the timeline of scheduled days, so for four weeks work, this amount will be due at the end of week two, while the remaining 33.3% due once the work has been signed off as satisfactory and within 7 days of said event.
  4. For work from £5,000.01 and above, a custom payment schedule will be created and agreed by all parties, prior to any work commencing.
  5. Under no circumstances will work begin when a required deposit has not been made and you could lose your booked day(s) in the diary as a result of late payment.

Section 2: Cancellations & Refunds
Cancellations naturally happen and in most cases cannot be avoided. We will always seek to discuss the situation but please be aware when a booking is cancelled I cannot always schedule work in to fill the gap, meaning a loss of income. Normally work can be simply be rescheduled and a refund is not required but should a full cancellation be required, the following rules will apply;

  1. All cancellations need to be made directly with Neil Greenfield via telephone only, prior to 48 hours of the proposed work schedule. Call 07532 456705.
  2. Any work cancelled more than 10 working days in advance shall receive a 100% refund, minus the cost of any parts, materials or plant equipment already purchased and/or arranged.
  3. Cancellation penalties are then calculated based on the following chart;

    How far in advance was the work cancelled?           % of deposit penalty


    9 Working Days – 10% (of the paid deposit amount)
    8 Working Days – 20% (of the paid deposit amount)
    7 Working Days – 30% (of the paid deposit amount)
    6 Working Days – 40% (of the paid deposit amount)
    5 Working Days – 50% (of the paid deposit amount)
    4 Working Days – 60% (of the paid deposit amount)
    3 Working Days – 70% (of the paid deposit amount)
    2 Working Days – 80% (of the paid deposit amount)
    1 Working Day – 90% (of the paid deposit amount)
    0 Working Day – 100% (of the paid deposit amount)

So for example, a deposit of £1000.00 cancelled 6 working days before work is due to commence will be subject to a 40% cancellation fee and £600.00 will be returned minus the additional costs of any parts, materials, equipment, deposits already purchased and/or arranged.

Section 3: Quality of Work

  1. It is always our intent to complete any and all work to the very best of our ability with final results being of a ‘very good’ standard. If however you require a near-as-perfect finish, please request this during quotation and a premium shall be added to the quote to incorporate the additional time required to achieve this. Unless you have paid for this specific service, all works shall be completed ‘to a very good standard’ and adjusted by the proposed timeframe and therefore fee charged.

    A classic example of this is a landlord requesting a ‘cost effective and fast’ fix versus a homeowner requesting the same work, paying twice as much with work taking twice as long to complete. Naturally the quality of the completed finish will not be the same in both cases. If you have any concerns regarding the quality of our work, please don’t hesitate to discuss your desired level of finish during the quotation stage otherwise it shall be assumed that you require a ‘very good’ standard with a relative cost and timescale.

  2. Is it the sole responsibility of Neil Greenfield to determine what ‘very good’ standards are. Should a customer have any disagreement with those standards, all work shall be immediately suspended. A discussion shall be had by all involved parties to see if they can reach an accord. If they cannot, work done shall be invoiced pro rata by percentage completion and it shall be the responsibility of the customer to seek legal advice should they disagree further. All further works shall be cancelled.

    Just to add some humanity for the horribly necessary term above, we are good at what we do. Our finish is almost always above a customer’s expectation and we often lose money in time as we go above and beyond to achieve a finish and result we are happy with. If your expectation is even higher than that which we provide and you’re not willing to pay the premium for a near-as-perfect finish then frankly you’re being unreasonable!

Section 4: Damage to Customer Goods, Property & People
Greenfield & Sons Property Services is fully insured up to £1,000,000 GBP and a certificate of public liability insurance can be provided upon request. In the unfortunate event that such a claim should be required and that is deemed and agreed the sole fault of Greenfield & Sons Property Services, we shall follow the claims procedure with the relevant insurer and be bound by their terms.

Section 5: Project Costs vs Time and Materials
In all cases unless specifically requested and discussed with Neil Greenfield, all quotes and invoices for work are based on a project completion basis and not time and materials. If we have quoted an amount, the scope of that project shall be described on the quote and invoice. Our quotes and invoices do not stipulate the time it takes to complete the work although a guideline is usually discussed. This project cost approach has the following impact(s);

  1. If we are not happy with the quality of our finish, suffer illness, time delays of various natures etc. we will continue to work past the allotted time frame without additional cost to yourself.
  2. If we complete your project faster than you or we expected, you will not receive a discount. Cheeky monkeys.

Section 6: Changes To These Terms

  1. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at our discretion.
  2. If you have work booked for the future and the changes will affect your project, you will be notified and required to agree to these new terms in order for work to proceed as planned.
  3. If you have work currently in progress, our agreement will be bound by the old and original terms agreed, with any new work requiring your agreement to the new terms.
  4. Any active and ongoing disputes will also be bound by the old terms agreed.
Any questions? Please just ask!